California Dream Ride

October 8th to 13th, 2017
American River Parkway to
the Golden Gate

280 miles by bike

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Dave Snyder
Executive Director
California Bicycle Coalition

P.S. Here are some other ways to get involved...

Pledge your support for protected bike lanes.

Do you want a protected bike lane in your community? Since the passage of the Better Bikeways Act in September, local officials can now put in protected bike lanes – but they need a push from local activists like you. We’ll share your pledge with our local affiliates so you can take action locally, at the right moment.

Get local.

Keep riding. Take the next step and help encourage your friends to ride too. Many of our local affiliates [link to local affiliates page, but don’t list in email] have bicycle skills classes, organize group rides, work in your community to encourage more people to ride, and promote bicycle culture. Get involved with your local affiliate [link again] to drive the bicycle movement.

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