California Dream Ride

Beautiful tour.
Great people.

Awesome cause.

2018 Dream Ride Recap

The 2018 Dream Ride has come and gone, but we’re still enjoying the post ride buzz. Didn’t snag a spot this year? Don’t fret: Registration today for the next Dream Ride!! We hope you can join us for another year of unforgettable bicycling.

Here's a recap of 2018:

Beautiful Tour

This year, we were blessed with the best weather imaginable. Palm trees lined the horizon and the coastline followed us the entire route. We overnighted in six beautiful and unique cities: Santa Barbara, Santa Paula, Marina del Rey, Long Beach, San Clemente and San Diego. There were views you could never see from inside a car!


Great people

Going into our fifth Dream Ride, we were excited to have a great group of new and repeat riders. Our riders were full of energy and enthusiasm. Some chose to form challenge groups – taking on higher altitudes and more distances. Others took their time enjoying the delicious snacks and breathtaking views at a leisurely pace. No matter the speed, we all felt like a family.


Awesome Cause

Breathtaking views, semi-luxurious accommodations, and a truly worthwhile cause—this year we raised over $130,000 to support better bicycling and thriving communities across the Golden State. One of our Dream Riders, Lee Larsen, chronicled her journey on social media every day and raised an additional $1900 during the ride!


A Little Extra Zip from Gazelle Bikes

Special thanks to our generous sponsor, Gazelle Bikes, for supplying e-bikes for riders to try out or to use for the entire ride. We had the company of Gabe and Paul from Gazelle to charge batteries, adjust seats, and change pedals. They had an assortment of bikes, from speedy commuters to stylish cruisers. We were truly spoiled!

Want more Dream Ride photos? Photographer Allan Crawford captured some great moments here.

We hope you enjoyed this recap!

Happy riding!

Debbie Brubaker
Ride Director