California Dream Ride

Beautiful tour.
Great people.

Awesome cause.

Suzy Spyker

Suzy Spyker

Why I'm Riding

This will be my first time to Southern California and from a bicycle is my preferred way to explore new areas.  I like the pace – faster than walking, slower than a car – and I can stop and linger when something strikes my fancy.  Diem Do told me this is a wonderfully organized ride, which takes away the stress of riding in unfamiliar surroundings.  Thrilled to support an organization that makes the world a better place to ride a bike, I also look forward to making new friends and spreading the word about how wonderful cycling, cycling in California, and cycling vacations are.


Recently retired resort management accountant, I live at 9,000 ft above sea level. I
started road riding on doctor’s orders 10 years ago after an alpine ski accident and now ride
over 3,000 miles a year because it keeps me happy & healthy. I have participated in 9 Ride the
Rockies tours and 3 Cycle Oregons. In winter, I put my bike away because we get 300 inches of
snow annually and I am equally obsessed with nordic skiing. I’m super lucky that I’m married to
my best friend, Marv Spyker, who also loves outdoor adventure and is patient enough to wait
for me. I laugh a lot, read, have 2 cats, and dream about the beer I’m going to have when I get
off my bike/skis.

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