California Dream Ride

Beautiful tour.
Great people.

Awesome cause.

Jenna Latt

Biking to Battle Climate Change

I'm a engineer who is passionate about the environment and combating climate change. I have been the field of air quality for the past 25 years. I became a climate reality leader through Al Gore's Climate Reality Leadership Corp. Through my bike daily commute, I know the importance of safe streets for bicyclists.  The California Bicycle Coalition's Bikeway's to Everywhere Initiative is my mantra.

I want more people to ride as part of their daily routine. Safe Bikeway's to Everywhere will go a long way towards making this possible.

A Little Bit About Me

I started biking with enthusiam two years ago when I began riding to work to avoid having to carpool my high school kids and to get daily exercise. I gave my car to Jade and the rest is history.