California Dream Ride

Beautiful tour.
Great people.

Awesome cause.

Trena Gibbs

Trena Gibbs

Why I'm Riding

I started cycling in 2008, to train for a sprint triathlon, and I enjoyed riding so much it grew into distant riding and many new friendships with fellow riders. Cycling is one of my favorite past times and really good for my well-being over-all. Why am I riding this particular ride? (Ca. Dream Ride) When I received the post-card in the mail, Yes! Dream Ride.. :) Then I looked at it online -A little $$ for me so I moved on! Then I talked about it with my friends while riding and checked it out again and seen that I could raise the money for a cause that I feel really good about! Raising money for safe riding for all people of California is fantastic, especially since I have a granddaughter who turns 10 this July and loves riding with grams! So making roads and trails safe for her and my twin two year old grand babies (future riders) is my goal! Not just safe for me, but safe for all those future riders... 


Well I am a 54 year old woman who likes to stay active! I love cycling, walking, running, swimming, kayaking and hiking! Anything I can do to stay active and have fun exploring new exciting things and sharing them with family and friends. My life changes continuously so I wear many hats in my daily life. Right now I'm a care-taker for my father who just spent eighty days in the hospital. He is on the road to recovery (thank god and his will to live). He was not even able to walk a short distance in the beginning, but now two months later is able to almost everything he was doing before except drive. Which he should be able to in the coming months, I believe! In the pass I was working on getting my LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker), but have had a few set backs, however I have not given up! 

I feel I am a very lucky woman to have my health and well-being and I've never been that far south in Cali., so I'm looking forward to exploring new territory and I absolutely have always wanted to ride the coast-line, even when I was not a avid cyclist! 

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