California Dream Ride

October 7th to 12th, 2018
Santa Barbara to
San Diego

290 miles by bike

Bicycle infrastructure is the answer!

I'm the Director of Development at the California Bicycle Coalition. I am so looking forward to the Dream Ride, because I had such a fantastic time on the 2015 ride! 

My husband and I both ride our bikes to work and our kids, ages 8 and 10, ride to school every day. We ride on errands, when we go out on dates, and on family outings. Where we live, it's pretty easy to do that, because the community has put resources into creating a safe, comfortable bike network. I dream of a day when every community in California will have safe bike paths, quiet bicycle boulevards, and protected bike lanes for busy streets, so that everyone can get wherever they need to go, free of stress.

Join us on this ride so that we can build safer, healthier, and more prosperous communities for every Californian!

A Little Bit About Me

CalBike development director, parent, writer, musician, admirer of science.

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