California Dream Ride

October 7th to 12th, 2018
Santa Barbara to
San Diego

290 miles by bike

What are we riding for?

The California Dream Ride raises funds for the California Bicycle Coalition (CalBike), a nonprofit that enables more people to bicycle for the health, safety, and prosperity of all Californians. The funds you raise will support our Bikeways to Everywhere Initiative

CalBike is the organization behind the Three Feet for Safety Act, as well as the Protected Bikeways Act of 2014.

Our dream is that one day soon, millions of Californians will ride bicycles every day. Every destination in your community, and every community, will be connected by a network of quiet bicycle boulevards, bike paths, and protected bike lanes. Your 12-year-old, your elderly father, your friend who's just getting comfortable on a bike—all will be able to ride bicycles where they need to go. Our communities thrive, and our streets are safe. 

That's the dream we have for California. Join us on the California Dream Ride, and help us make it come true.




Bikeways to Everywhere

The funds you raise on the ride will benefit our Bikeways to Everywhere Initiative, which advocates for safe, comfortable, connected bikeway networks for all Californians.

What are bikeway networks? Bikeway networks link every destination in a community through a network of quiet bicycle boulevards, bike paths, and protected bike lanes. The money you raise on this ride will support our work pushing for more state funding for bikeway networks, and helping local communities access those funds. How do we do it? 

How does CalBike push for connected bikeway networks? 

By changing state law. We won the first phase of our initiative with the 2014 Protected Bikeways Act, which legalized protected bike lanes -- lanes that are protected from car traffic by a physical barrier, such as a row of parked cars or planters. (These are the kinds of bike lanes have been proven to get hesitant riders to hop on a bike.) Before that act, it was essentially illegal to build protected bike lanes in California! 

By changing state policy. We also succeeded in getting the California Transportation Agency to endorse progressive standards for designing great bikeways, making it a lot easier for local agencies to get excellent bike lanes and bike paths built.

By getting more funding for bikeway networks. Now that protected bike lanes are legal, we're pushing hard on the next phase of our campaign: getting more funding for creating low-stress, complete bicycle networks. We're pushing for a huge increase to funding -- big grants of $25 to $50 million dollars for communities to connect their existing bikeways, closing all the gaps so that people can get where they need to go.

By educating people around the state about how to actually build great bikeways. We travel around the state educating local policymakers and planners about two things: how important it is to build protected bike lanes and connected bikeways; and how to get the money they need to make them a reality. We help communities compete for transportation money to make sure that more of that money goes to bicycling projects (like protected bike lanes).

Learn more about the California Bicycle Coalition on our website at 

Join us on the California Dream Ride, and help the California Bicycle Coalition push for a world where we can all get where we need to go—on bicycles! Register now!

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