California Dream Ride

Beautiful tour.
Great people.

Awesome cause.


Laura B., Five-time Dream Rider, tells us what she loves about the California Dream Ride. testimonial12019.png

"Supporting better biking in California and spending 5 days in some of the most beautiful places in the state is my type of vacation! Thank you California Dream Ride for making it possible!"

—Ali D., 2019 Dream Rider

"This experience was one of the most life affirming, life changing, positively challenging things that I have ever had the opportunity to be a part of. There really aren't words to explain how it felt to be a part of such a group of like-minded individuals with one shared joy - that of being outdoors in nature on two wheels!"

—Stephanie P., 2019 Dream Rider

"If you enjoy five days of moderately challenging, fabulously supported riding with interesting people and good accommodations and food, this ride is for you!"

—Jim P., 2019 Dream Rider

"On the way to the ride, I had to drop my rental at SAC airport and asked for advice on best way to get to Folsom expecting a bus/light rail vs Uber answer. To my amazement, Cam, who wasn't even riding this year, offered and picked me up with my bike and gear and drove me to the Folsom hotel. That was so over the top, I was blown away. She said she wanted to say hi to some of her Dream Ride friends, but that was still amazing to me. That is what makes this ride stand out. The amazing enthusiasm, helpfulness, and involvement of everyone on the team. Fundraising is involved as the case in many rides, but the cause is righteous, helping all cyclists. The group is excellent on pointing out the results of their efforts and others in the field to make cycling safer and fun for all. They spend countless hours checking and tweaking the routes and planning for the needs of a very diverse group of riders."

—Bruce C., 2019 Dream Rider 

"The California Dream Ride exceeded my expectations in every way! The staff prepared me for what to expect, helped with arrangements, took care of every detail, guided us on a true group ride through areas I would never explore on my own, and introduced me to a group of like-minded fun people that I hope will remain friends forever."

—Suzy S., 2018 rider

"From novice to fearless, this ride can suit anyone and the staff make it welcoming for all. Beautiful sites and comfortable routes enhance the ride experience and I'd highly recommend it as a must-do bike trip!"

—Andy H., 2018 rider

"I want to sign up now for next year. This was my first multi-day ride and it was AWESOME! Debbie and the gang had their act together! Couldn't ask for a better organized event. Thank you soooo much for putting it together!"

—Michael D. 2018 rider

"What a great intro to multi-day rides! Well organized. Great staff and crew, and awesome riders."

—Diane H., 2018 rider



"The Dream Ride was all that I hoped that it would be, and much more. I experienced a wonderful camaraderie with other riders."

—Stanley B., 2016 rider

"Dream Ride is a chance to rejuvenate, make new friends, see beautiful California, all for a good cause."

—Joe J., 2018 rider

"The Dream Ride 2018 was truly a dream come true! Cycling along the California coastline smelling the salt air and watching the waves crash (while paying close attention to my riding!) was such a treat. Experiencing first-hand all the various ways communities accommodate and encourage cycling has made me want to become more active in my own community's advocacy for safer cycling infrastructure. Ultimately, though, it was the wonderful camaraderie with new friends we made on the trip that made the Dream Ride so memorable. I cannot wait until next year!"

—Cam M., 2018 rider

"The social aspect was especially rewarding and many friends were made. It was, as always, a great experience."

—Ralph W., four-time repeat rider

"Far exceeded my expectations! Very well organized. A lot of research and planning went into selecting the route and it really showed. The support staff really cared about each rider and wanted to make it an enjoyable experience for all.”

—Gary P., 2016 rider


Dream_Ride_2017_Day_1-9656-X3.jpg Dream_Ride_2017_Day_3-2303-X3.jpg

"Best bicycling tour of central and southern California! Great adventure and fun way to support our California Bicycle Coalition." 

—Diane M., 2016 rider 

"The CalBike Dream Ride really is a dream ride! Great routes, great support and great people, and all the while you're supporting better biking. Do good while feeling good!"

—Nathan B., 2014-2018 rider 

“The staff were excellent and very devoted, everyone was friendly and the route was beautiful. I am looking forward to the next ride and any other rides the coalition may be having.”

—Donald M., 2014 rider

"Truly the best multi-day bicycle tour I have ever experienced: beautiful, interesting, and very safe bicycle routes. Wonderful and special accommodations. Fantastic food with great variety. Excellent crew support - so attentive, friendly and fun.”

—Laura B., 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018 rider

“By the end it really felt like family: like a family of riders.”

—Kathleen M., 2015, 2018 rider


Photos (c) Allan Crawford.