California Dream Ride

Beautiful tour.
Great people.

Awesome cause.

Earn miles by riding!

Riding is good for you! You'll feel great after 300 miles! Keep track of miles ridden one of two ways.

1. Use the Strava app to record your miles. Once you've finished your ride, please log your miles on the Record Your Miles page, which then be transferred to the leaderboard at the end of every day. Once you've set up your account, join the CalBike Cycling Club and share stories of your ride. 

2. Use this form to record your miles manually.

Earn miles by supporting your community!

Show your community some bike love! There are many fun ways to earn credit for miles that count toward your 300-mile challenge. Use this form to record those earned miles. 

Here is how you can earn miles:  

  • Teach someone how to ride a bike! 100 miles. Here are some great resources.
  • Pick up trash along a bikeway today. 10 miles. 
  • Sign a petition on 10 miles. Here are the latest.
  • Write a letter to an elected official. 50 miles. 
  • Donate a bike. 1 mile per dollar value up to 100. The best place to drop off a bike is your local community bike shop. You can also try bikematch.
  • Donate money to your local bike advocacy organization (or other bike-friendly community org). 1 mile per dollar up to 100.
  • Post a Waving Wednesday pic to social media. 10 miles per post. Limit 30. Here's an example.
  • Give a positive review online for my favorite bike shop. 20 miles.
  • Fix someone's bike (e.g. fixed a flat). 20 miles.
  • Post to Facebook or Twitter or Instagram about the #CADreamRideChallenge. 10 miles per day.



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