California Dream Ride

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Fundraising Tool Box


We encourage our riders to fundraise, but if you prefer to pay your own way, that works too! Contributions to the ride by your friends and acquaintances are fully tax-deductible. Your own contributions are tax deductible, except for the portion that pays for the costs of the ride, such as food and lodging (which usually come out to around $850)

Fundraising Page Instructions

To set up a personal fundraising page, follow these steps:

1.  Go to and click 'Join this event'

2.  Sign up or log into your existing account, then click 'Start a fundraiser'

3.  Customize your page and set your fundraising goal. Consider setting a higher fundraising goal than what you actually need to raise: sometimes a higher goal will prompt bigger donations. Don't forget to click 'Publish' once you're done making changes!

Once you have set up your fundraising page, share your page on social media, and check out the links below to get started toward your fundraising goal!

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If you do not plan to fundraise, please make a direct donation at To donate by mail, use this form.

Contact if you have any questions or need help setting up your fundraising page.