California Dream Ride

Beautiful tour.
Great people.

Awesome cause.

California Dream Riders are Great People

Your Fellow Dream Riders

Dream Riders are a diverse group, with varying levels of bicycling experience, and spanning a wide range of ages and races. What they all share is a love for exploring scenic places, enjoying good company, and supporting the cause of better bicycling in California. By the end of the first day, riders say, they already feel connected to everyone; by the final day, they have forged lasting friendships. The small size of the tour gives people a chance to truly connect with each other, and many participants stay in touch and continue to ride together all year round.

Your Ride Director, Debbie Brubaker


Ride Director Debbie Brubaker is an experienced cyclist who has pedaled her way through Italy, Spain, and across the U.S. She is supported by an experienced team of staff and volunteers. With decades of event-planning and cycling experience, Debbie knows how to select a great route and, just as importantly, how to create a fun and relaxed environment so that all riders enjoy themselves. With her attention to detail and her great eye for a quality experience, Debbie makes sure that tours go smoothly and that every detail—from food and drink to mechanic support—is taken care of. Every year of the Dream Ride, riders have raved about Debbie's friendly and welcoming personality, and her attention to detail. We are thrilled to have Debbie returning again for our fifth year to make the California Dream Ride even more fun!

Your Dream Team Staff

Debbie supervises a crack team of experienced staff and volunteers, most of whom have already worked several Dream Rides. All the staff are experienced cyclists themselves, and many are expert mechanics as well. Staff and volunteers collaborate to ensure a smooth experience for riders. 



Kim “The Coach” Berrios is a swim coach and crazy mountain biker. She is our superb rest stop captain, where she provides encouragement and excellent refreshments. You’ll find her on the road from time to time as a support rider, too.




Eddie “Lantern Rouge” (AKA Taillights) Cano is the Dream Ride’s official sweep rider. He’s back there to see that all riders arrive safely at rest stops, lunches and hotels at the end of each day. He is also an avid autograph collector—last year he got Joe Breeze’s at the Marin Museum of Bicycling. Who knows what he’ll come away with this year?




Creed “Sprinter Van Man” McPherson has the coolest non-bike wheels. His Sprinter is a do-all, haul-all personal adventure support van and he uses it with reckless abandon to haul his bikes, surfboards, etc. wherever the spirit takes him. Creed will be along as a support rider and part-time chef.




Steve “The Wrench” Loebach is returning for another Dream Ride as a rider, mechanic, driver, and all-round great support staffer. The rest of the year, he can be found at REI helping co-op members and others with everything bicycle.




Jon The Navigator Riddle lives and rides all over Los Angeles County, so the 2020 Dream Ride will again travel right though his backyard. He also works closely with Debbie to develop the Dream Ride’s route, directions and maps, and will be on the road as a support rider, too.





Dave “The Teach” Correia, is a high school teacher and rides to his classroom just about every day. When he’s not on the road as a support rider, he’s busy as Debbie’s go-to guy.




Rick and Carol McClenaghan are the Dream Ride’s newest staffers. You’ll find them riding as support riders, mechanic, and driving the SAG vans, so be sure to give them a big wave when they ring the cowbell for you!




Allan “Papa Razzi” Crawford has been the Dream Ride photographer since 2015.  He’s traveled the world documenting professional cycling and is very active in his home town of Long Beach with their Bikeable Communities program.  Give him a big smile and wave when you see him on the road!



Dave Snyder is the Executive Director of the California Bicycle Coalition. An original bike advocacy pioneer, Dave will be on the ride as a rider and resident expert on all things bike advocacy.




Jenn Guitart is CalBike’s Development Director. She’s there to help riders raise the funds. She’ll tag along for at least part of the ride!




Minnie Phan is CalBike’s Development Associate and is there year-round to answer your questions about the ride. Minnie’s your go-to person for any questions you have leading up to the ride on your fundraising website or any other questions you may have.


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