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Dream Ride Experiences


Our Dream Ride Experiences are smaller local rides where you can get in shape for the fall ride and connect with Dream Ride staff and other riders. In 2020, the Dream Ride Experiences are being held virtually.

Join us for our final ride in the waning days of summer. Come by yourself, or join as a team, inviting friends, family, or colleagues along for the ride.

California Dream Ride Experience - September Edition:


Thursday, September 3rd through Wednesday, September 9th, 2020

“Cut my pie into four pieces, I don’t think I could eat eight.” Yogi Berra



Celebrate Labor Day and honor workers—especially the essential workers who are keeping things going during this difficult time. The ride is round, the reward is round, the pie is round. Simply go for a loop ride (round like pie!) and reward yourself at the end with a slice (or four!) of pie. Any pie counts—peach! pizza! gluten free! Pies make the world go ‘round! Just like essential workers.  

Aim to do a pie ride over the Labor Day holiday, sometime between sunrise on September 3rd to sunset on September 9th. We will meet on Zoom on September 10th and share pie stories. 

Register for the “Pie Ride” here. Before the Zoom happy hour, share your pie photos and short videos via our free Strava CalBike Club page, Facebook or Instagram, or simply email them to us. 

 The rules are few but important. 

  • Please adhere to state and local public health orders regarding group activities, physical distancing guidelines, and the use of face coverings. 
  • Respect everyone and all points of view. 
  • Ride safely, following the best cycling conduct and respecting the rules of the road. 

How and where to ride is entirely your design. Remember, the goal is to ride a route of your choice on your bike-centric scavenger hunt and your search for pie! Ride an e-bike, a recumbent, a gravel bike, a road bike, your downhill rig, or even your indoor trainer. It’s all good!


We hope that you can join us and that you’ll continue to support the California Bicycle Coalition's work to build healthy, equitable, joyful communities through bicycling. 


Your RSVP is greatly appreciated.

Have questions?

Contact Debbie Brubaker at [email protected]


Jon Riddle at [email protected]






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